Titel: Atlas der Künstlerreisen · S. 162 - 163
Titel: Atlas der Künstlerreisen , 1997

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(Norah’s Letters)
Msg#: 5664 *INTERNET*

1mFrom mgrind1@awinc.com

i am in Kelowna, a small city in the Okanagan. It was a -More-6DKfun journey; I rode in a van with three guys who had interesting stories to tell. Leaving Vancouver was hard. I tried to sleep so I wouldn’t be awake thinking of you. I wasn’t ready to leave you. I’m still not. I have an e-mail address in Kelowna. I use the above address, my file is called “norah”. They don’t have graphic interface but if you e-mail me grpahics I can load it onto a disk and then take that disk to a print shop with a laser copier. I’m trying to find work around Kelowna so I should be here for a while.

I saw the arctic circle on compuiserve! I read what you transcribed from our slackers party conversation on Gustafsen Lake. I sure sound like a drunk valley girl! I laughed and smiled, especially to see me brother and sister. I tried to look at Transient Love, but the computer flipped out at that time so I’m going to check it out today. For some reason -More-6DKI can’t get the pictures to become films with action; the computer here gets annoyed and won’t do it. I’m learning the NEt fast though! Last night I was one hour on the Net and today I’ll be here a few hours. It’s four dollars an hour, which isn’t too bad at all. I hope your flight was okay. I love…

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